Sunday, November 13, 2011


Clannad is one of many great anime made by key.
it is based on the final year in high school for the dilinquant Tomoya Okazaki who is tired of both his life and the town he lives in, that is until he meets a shy Nagisa Furukawa on his way to school and befriends her whilst helping her revive the schools drama club.

Without giving away any spoilers it is hard to put into words of how good this anime (as with Key's other work (Kanon, Air ) actually is. This anime would be perfect for anybody who is a fan of Animes with great character personality builds (even in secondary and minor characters) and anybody who find any school based shows interesting, this searies of CLANNAD also has many aspects to grip the veiwers to it, using Comedy, drama and part of a tale that leaves the veiwer wondering of its significance (which is explained in the afterstory Series of CLANNAD). The veiwer is also bought into the story with the excellent usage of music for any major scene.
its just simply one of the most touching anime i'v ever watched, and with the After Story you get the complete story as the characters grow up, graduate, get jobs and getting married.

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