Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where to buy manga and anime online?

Well, i guess lately the main source for getting what you want is online, for me 95% of my anime/manga collection comes from websites like amazon, rightstuf, Alibris .. etc
in this post i want to share with you the goods and bads of each site i'v dealt or came across too, since i too, had a problem finding a good place to get my portion of anime and manga.
  1. Amazon: this site is as famous as it's gets, and it's the first website that i'v dealt with, what is good about amazon is that it is one huge store that you can find whatever you want in it, that includes anime and manga of course and any related things to them. when it comes to manga, i like amazon's "4-for-3 promotion", that mean you can buy 3 manga and get the fourth for free, if you buy 8 then 2 is free and so on, it's usually good for people who buy huge amount of manga, unfortunately this promotion does not include the new released manga. for the anime, i don't usually buy from amazon itself, but from the retailers, you can find great deals if you search really well, sometimes you can find two retailers competing with each other, everyone of them decreasing the price by few cents every day, buy the end of the week you buy an OVA with less than $2. well, this is mostly for OVA, what i don't like about amazon is that if you buy from amazon itself then you pay taxes, if you you buy a lot of stuff from different retailers then the shipping is a nightmare, but still, amazon is a good place to check out for a good deal, plus they have a good customer service.
  2. Right Stuf: this site has good deals, if you check out their Weekly Specials or Bargain Bin, you can find some cool stuff, and also you have Shawne's Deal of the Day that you can find it at the top right on the content page of the website, which offers you 10 deals per-day, and you have to chose one in less than 60 min, usually the good deals are the last one of the 10, the bad thing about this site is that it's usually out of stock, and you have to wait extra time to get what ever you want, still if you want something real bad you have to give something in return.
  3. Just Manga: well, it's not just manga, they also have anime and related stuff, but they are mainly focusing on manga, to tell you the truth i'v never bought anything from this website, their prices isn't that great, and i'm not sure i can get in one of their clubs to get some discount, but nonetheless, they have a huge amount of manga, they also got a complete manga set offer, the prices might be more than if you bought the whole manga from another website, but if you had a problem finding the whole manga set, then this is your place. i usually check it out to find what complete manga i can get, which i buy from another website, i might try to buy from them one day, and if you got into there $5.55 manga club, then you can get the manga much more cheaper.
  4. Albris: it's a huge book store, so it's a good place to get manga, if you are into used manga, or rare stuff, you might find what you want here. there is a lot of sellers here, it works just like amazon, and it has the same bad shipping nightmare if you buy from different sellers, still, it's a good place to find something that you couldn't find in another place. for me, i would only use it for a last resort.
well, those were the websites that i usually deal with, i might add up more website in another post if i got across them in the future, if you know any good place to buy manga or anime or any related stuff to them, drop a comment.

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