Saturday, November 7, 2009

Atelier Marie & Elie: Zarlburg Alchemist

I'v came across Atelier Marie and Elie manga years ago, translated by one of the manga translation groups, they were translating a chapter every once in a while, and for me who was new in the manga world i was reading anything that i can find, this one manga was just there to be read.
unfortunately the group stopped after the first Vol, and i really wanted more, until i found out that Tokyopop is gonna release it, i was happy for the news and decided to wait until this manga is completed to get it in one buy, but from some recent news that some of you might already know, tokyopop has put a list of some of the manga that they were gonna stop releasing which mostly were from kodansha, and this manga that had no reason to be listed there found itself listed too (well only the first 2 Vol thank god), so there is still hope to see the last Vol of it. and that's why i decided to get those first 2 Vol before they run out of stock.
side note: i always disliked tokyopop =_=!
well, what is this manga all about??
if you are an RPG fanatic, then you might have heard of the Atelier Game series, this series started with Atelier Marie on PSX, followed by Atelier Elie, and both games were released in one pack on the PS2.
unfortunately the first few games of this series were never released in the U.S or in English in any other region.
anyhow, both main characters of the first two games were gathered in this one manga, and each chapter is showing their daily life in their Atelier with a company of elves and different kind of friends facing daily adventures, this manga actually is directed toward the fans of the game, so if you were like me, never played the first few games, then you might find nothing to get from this manga, but if you are an RPG fan, then you might find some good moments to enjoy in this manga which were the things that caught me. it might have no main plot to it, but the characters are enjoyable, it really makes me want to try that game.
the art of the manga is uniquely weird, but if you have read "Record Of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch" and you enjoyed Yoshihiko Ochi's art, you might like this one too, i really enjoy those unique ways of drawing.
this manga has a total of 5 manga, only 4 was released so far by tokyopop, with no sight of the last Vol to be released anytime soon.
Tokyopop declared that they stopped printing the first 2 Vol, so if you are interested in this manga you might want to get it now before it's out of print, and if you enjoyed it, or if you read it and enjoyed it before, you might want to send an E-mail to Tokyopop rushing them to release the last Vol.

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