Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free coupon from play Asia

Hello minna sama, i'v got some free coupons from play Asia today that are valid to the end of 2009, and since i'm not planing on getting anything from their website in this period of time (saving my money to get a blackberry mobile) , i thought it would be a waste to just ignore these coupons, so here is what i'm going to do:
since i can give it away, i will put the coupons here for any passing person that want to use it, so finders keepers. but just one thing, i wish that whoever use it can leave a comment saying that you used these coupons so others will know when to give up trying using them.
well, here we go, and i will be labeling the codes, you have to shadow over it to see it:

Get US$8 off a purchase of US$50 or more

Get US$12 off a purchase of US$100 or more
you can use these coupons to buy from

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