Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tales of a game that now have seen the light

lately i'v been hooked playing video games and spending more time playing than watching anime (Lately i'v been hooked alot O_O), so i guess you well see more games related posts this month than anime and manga.
anyhow, today i will not give you something like a review or a deep post, it's just about something i found while searching the net.
i haven't played a lot of "Tales of.." games, i'v only played Tales of Eternia and Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology on the PSP, Tales of the Abyss on PS2, and Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on the Wii, so from a series that contains over 13 mother titles alone other than the side titles, i haven't got alot experience in this series, but nontheless i'v liked what i played and want to try more Tales games.
well, two days ago i had the urge to search about this game series, and learn some info about it, as you know, not much tales game have been ported to NA or EU which is disappointing. while searching i found this group called "Absolute zero" which are working on translating some tales title that haven't seen the light for official English releases.
their first project was 'Tales of Phantasia" on the PS which only been released in English on the GBA version thought it has a SNES, PS, and PSP versions that was only released in JP, they have finished translating this game professionally, and fortunately for me i found this game converted to be played on PSP translated by this group HERE (you need to have costumed PSP to play this).
i'v played a little and i can't believe that the translation is by a fan group, it's just amazing how much work have been put into this game to be delivered for other fans for free, which makes me admire this group, they really deserve to be praised.
their other projects for now are "Tales of Innocence" on the DS and "Tales of Destiny" on the PS2, well "Tales of innocence" looks really good T_T, but i don't have a memory for my DSi so i have to pass on it for a while if it got released soon, but i'm looking foreword for "Tales of Destiny", and i hope they have some plans for "Tales of Rebirth" on the PS2 also.
well, if you are a tales fan that really want to enjoy the games that haven't been released officially in English, i recommend you to check this group, and if you like their work, give them some support.

i can't get enough watching this intro

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