Monday, January 18, 2010

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves Review

Uncharted 2: Among ThievesLately i'v bee hooked with Uncharted, even thought i'm not into Adventure/Action games that much, but since it's been recommended to me i thought i would give it a try.
well, i haven't played the first part of this game, so Among thieves is my starter, anyhow, in uncharted you play as Drake a treasure hunter who is after the Chintamani stone which is said to be in Shambhala or as it's know Shangri-La (isn't that an anime XD) , and that is where marco polo expeditions said to be gone too, to uncover the secret of marco polo, a part of his journey that he never talked about, you have to travel all the way to the Himalaya to find the truth.
for me this game felt like it was a mix of Tomb rider with the adventure and puzzle elements and resident evil with the action element, which is great, because i love these kind of games, and i think that is what helped me try this game in the first place.
aside from the great gaming experience, the graphic got to amaze you, just thinking how games used to look on the first generation of playstation and how it looks now, makes you say "wow". well truly the graphics and the game engine was superb, but still there were some little things that will bother you while you play, like how chloe's eye's are reflecting so much light, or where the only character with the good looking graphics is only Drake, but i guess that is just some miner stuff when it comes to the over all judgment of the game.
while the graphics were undoubtedly the best that i'v seen on the ps3, the gaming experience also were as good, you had so much moves that you can do fighting the enemy, and you get to use different kind of shooting weapons (for me i always prefer to use the hand over the gun :P) , also the puzzle and where you have to look at drake notes that is updated regularly while you are playing is one of my favorite, seeing those funny notes beside a puzzle note gave the game some good feeling to it, thought at the end you just feel that the game becomes a little repetitive and it becomes easy to figure out where to go next, i would loved it to be more deep at that point of the game.
in another hand, the sound part of the game was great, the music was lovely, felt so nice and enjoyable, the dubbing for the characters too was so professional, at times it almost felt that those characters were actually alive, and the visual helpd of course.
over all, this game was as great as people say, and for a person who usually play games that spans more than 50 hours of game play, finishing this one in less than 9 hours (continually dieing - poor drake) felt sad somehow, i wanted it to expand much more (so drake would die much more) , but i guess, i can go finish it in another difficulty level and make sure to get all the treasure and make some good trophies :P
if you haven't played this game yet, you ought to give it a try, it's like watching a good hollywood action movie.

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