Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Pre-Painted Figure

The three main characters of Final Fantasy XIII figurine will come out on Dec 2009 the same as the JPN release of the game. (can't wait to get my hands on this game and those figures too).
i will be quoting the description of the figures starting from here:

"Lightning, the stoic, androgynous beauty is the image girl of the game. Very little is known about her for now, not even her real name, the only thing we could see was her deadly elegance during the action scenes.
Every strand of silvery red hair is crafted to perfection, defiance and determination shines in her eyes"
Buy Lightning at Play-Asia.com

"Snow Villiers is the complete opposite of Lightning in terms of fighting style and attitude. The big and burly young man is a powerhouse attacker, the sculptors crafted his large frame and rugged appearance."
Buy Snow Villiers at Play-Asia.com

"The narrator of the game, Vanille is both a pretty face, the cheerful girl and a wonderful ally during battle. The figure makers crafted her loyally according to the character sketches, her reddish brown hair look soft to the touch. Minute details such as the beads and chains she wears are all included."
Buy Oerba Dia Vanille at Play-Asia.com

i'm really looking foreword to these figures, specially Vanille, she looks very detailed XD.
hope there is one for that Afro guy with the little chocobo on his head too.

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