Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie of the week:Gall Force - Eternal Story

Gall Force: Eternal Story is the first installment for three Gall force movies, but even though that, you can consider it to be independent from the other ones because of some story elements which i will not discuses about it here; so that i wont spoil the story for you guys. any how, Eternal Story is about 2 advance civilizations which are the "Solenoids" an all women race and "Paranoids" an alien humanoids race, who have been in a war for centuries. it all started with a mission for a Solenoid fleet to defend a new discovered planet called " Chaos" from the paranoids, but a damaged Solenoid ship called the Star Leaf is separated from the fleet, that ship had only 7 survivors, who decided in the end to complete their mission by heading to "chaos" to defend it themselves, and the movie follows them on their quest.
will this is the overall story, but for me; i felt that this anime was trying to present a meaning for life in a different way, which you will find it in the end of this movie.
in the characters department, i think it was lacking in some aspects, first, of all you have to guess who is the main character is! which might actually not be as bad as it sound, second, there is not much development for those characters, but that might be expected for a movie that wanted to focus more on the story itself, third, there is some annoying characters that you might hate, but also to make it better there is some great characters that make up for it.
for the Art and sound, well it is good, i can't say more or less there, and in the end you might want to go watch the other two movies which i might include it in my next order.
a side note: this anime kinda reminded me of the movie "Alien" :P

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