Sunday, October 4, 2009

Movie of the week: Vexille

Vexille is a movie from the creators of Appleseed, i actually never knew about it until recently even thought i'm a huge fan of Appleseed, and since i was lost, not knowing what to get for myself i decided to try it out.
Vexille movie set on the year 2077, where 10 years ago Japan isolated itself from the rest of the world, thought they still trade with other countries but no one knows what's going on there.
S.W.O.R.D. is a U.S military organization that decided to break into Japan and find out if they are developing banned robotic bio-technology, when they set their foot there, they find out that Japan is not as we or they ever known.
watching this movie kinda reminded me of the Swine Flu and it's Vaccine and the rumors going around about them. it's actually makes me laugh (for the wrong reasons).
this movie had a good story, good characters, and the action was cool, but i was annoyed with the sounds effects, especially the guns (sounded like toys). but over all it made me think (what i'm ever gonna do if Japan has ended as it did in this movie O_O? ).
this movie comes in three different forms, there is the DVD with only the movie (no Extra) and it's the one i got for myself (i didn't look hard enough), there is also the DVD Special Edition with 2 hours of special features, and finally there is the Blu-ray Special Edition which has the same features as the DVD Special Edition.
i really liked this movie, and i recommend any Appleseed fans to watch it, even thought it does not come in pars with it.

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