Friday, October 9, 2009

Skip beat!

i'v started reading Skip Beat! online 2 years ago, but you know, some scanning groups do poor job, i was so into the manga, but when i reached Vol 10 i was shocked to find some pages with no translation at all, or even if they were translated the sub text weren't (and thous sub text are the most funny parts), i was disappointed and dropped reading it, i didn't want to continue killing my enjoyment, and i wasn't able to wait for a better translation group, so i decided to buy this manga and re-read it again, and that's what i did, it really deserve it.
the story follows Kyoko who is in love with her childhood friend sho, when sho decided to go to tokyo to be a singer he asks kyoko to go with him, and she follows him happily quitting her high school to support him, but when kyoko finds out that the only reason sho brought her with him is to use her as a maid, something snaps inside of her and kyoko is never the same.
that snapping scene was truly one of the funniest thing ever, after that kyoko starts her career in show business, and that's only for revenge.
even thought manga about show business is every where, but this manga is one of the best, following kyoko on her revenge journey, while she meets people like Ren who is a big actor who dislikes kyoko's reason for being a star, or Kanae who is for kyoko is the first true friend, or even Lory the President of L.M.E where kyoko works, this manga is full with great characters, amazing art, alot of funny moments and alot of *Oh god this is sooo cute* moments.
and yeah, there is an anime that follows the manga faithfully on the beginning, but the anime skipped Kanae story which was (un-skip-able), and for me i still prefer this manga, with the great illustrations of Nakamura Yoshiki sensei.
Skip Beat! has reached Vol 22 in Japan and it's still ongoing, while the U.S version from Viz has released 19 Vol until now, planing to release Vol 20 on March 2, 2010.
i wish someone buy the rights for Tokyo Crazy Paradise too T_T i want to get it sooo bad.

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