Friday, October 30, 2009

Poll: What Game console do you own?

it's been more than a month since this blog has started, i'v put up a poll asking about what is the most Game console that is owned by the visitors of this blog, and since there is not much traffic around here, we only managed to get 16 votes, well thanks to all who participated in this poll, and the results were:

7 (43%)
Xbox 360
2 (12%)
7 (43%)
7 (43%)
5 (31%)
i play on my PC
6 (37%)
4 (25%)
0 (0%)

i guess i'm not the only one with no Xbox 360 huh?
the next poll is "What is your favorite?" it's up on the right of this page..
those polls help me to determined what to focus in writing on, so make sure to vote ^_^

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