Friday, October 16, 2009

Gunbuster: Aim for the Top OVA review

do you know those parody anime when they make fun of an old classic anime,well, i think that Gunbuster is the main Target that they aim at.
This 1988, 6 Episode OVA from the Director Anno Hideaki, the man who presented to us NGE is one of the best OVA that i've ever watched, though i couldn't stop laughing here and there for how much classic this anime is.
the story follows Noriko who her father was killed in humanity's first encounter with aliens. being Proud of her father Noriko decided to be a space pilot herself, for that, she joins Okinawa Girls' Space Pilot High School, unfortunately Noriko is just a klutz young girl who is one of the worst pilots in the school, but when Koichiro Ohta a new couch arrives, he sets his eyes on her out of all the students and he puts her together with Kazumi Amano the best mecha pilot in the school, and there Noriko's journey to space starts.
what i really liked about this OVA was the good implementation of the space theories, like the speed of light and the time dimension factor and how those have effected the characters and the story development. that helped us see the change on earth over the years from the eyes of the characters.
the characters themselves were memorable, even thought Noriko was so annoying in the begging, she managed to get so much experience that made her develop remarkably making her fit to be a the pilot of the great mecha gunbuster,and while noriko was going foreword we saw the other character Amano being bushed back by her emotion that she was hiding at the begging and which made her a cool character at the time, but still she was a great character herself.
the music for this OVA was just great, i loved that sound track that comes with the gunbuster seances making the fight much more exciting, and that Inazuma (lighting) kick, even thought it was funny at the beginning, it was just plain cool later on.
the Art for it's time was nice, i'm still not that much into the characters design, but it was still classic, what i really hated was the last Ep Black and White panel thing, after 12,000 year people will think that the animation should be more the better, but using black and white coloring was annoying, they say it's artistic and unique, but still it was annoying, if i wanted to watch something in black and white, i would put my sunglasses on, but still, that what makes out Gainax, they always don't disappoint you to be disappointed in the end of anything they make, i'v got used to it, but that doesn't change that this OVA was the best for me so far, even from Gainax.

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