Friday, October 30, 2009

Poll: What Game console do you own?

it's been more than a month since this blog has started, i'v put up a poll asking about what is the most Game console that is owned by the visitors of this blog, and since there is not much traffic around here, we only managed to get 16 votes, well thanks to all who participated in this poll, and the results were:

7 (43%)
Xbox 360
2 (12%)
7 (43%)
7 (43%)
5 (31%)
i play on my PC
6 (37%)
4 (25%)
0 (0%)

i guess i'm not the only one with no Xbox 360 huh?
the next poll is "What is your favorite?" it's up on the right of this page..
those polls help me to determined what to focus in writing on, so make sure to vote ^_^

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Games Pre-Order: Oct 29

Hi there guys, it's been a while, i hope everyone have done good in their Exams, for me i did badly :P
well, i'm here today to present the recommendations for this month pre-Order game list from Play Asia, and what do we have here??

Gundam Musou 2 (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection) - US

Nintendo Wii
PokePark Wii: Pikachu no Daibouken - JPN
Biohazard (Best Version) - JPN
Biohazard 0 (Best Version) - JPN
Mobile Suit Gundam: MS Sensen 0079 (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection) - JPN

Layton Kyouju to Majin no Fue - JPN
Again: FBI Chou-Shinri Shousakan - JPN

Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 3 - JPN

Not so many choices i guess this month, the most anticipated game for me thought is Layton Kyouju to Majin no Fue on the DS.
there is also the Biohazard remakes for the Wii, and Naruto 3 for the PSP.
well, not a great list, but hope we can see better next month.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gunbuster: Aim for the Top OVA review

do you know those parody anime when they make fun of an old classic anime,well, i think that Gunbuster is the main Target that they aim at.
This 1988, 6 Episode OVA from the Director Anno Hideaki, the man who presented to us NGE is one of the best OVA that i've ever watched, though i couldn't stop laughing here and there for how much classic this anime is.
the story follows Noriko who her father was killed in humanity's first encounter with aliens. being Proud of her father Noriko decided to be a space pilot herself, for that, she joins Okinawa Girls' Space Pilot High School, unfortunately Noriko is just a klutz young girl who is one of the worst pilots in the school, but when Koichiro Ohta a new couch arrives, he sets his eyes on her out of all the students and he puts her together with Kazumi Amano the best mecha pilot in the school, and there Noriko's journey to space starts.
what i really liked about this OVA was the good implementation of the space theories, like the speed of light and the time dimension factor and how those have effected the characters and the story development. that helped us see the change on earth over the years from the eyes of the characters.
the characters themselves were memorable, even thought Noriko was so annoying in the begging, she managed to get so much experience that made her develop remarkably making her fit to be a the pilot of the great mecha gunbuster,and while noriko was going foreword we saw the other character Amano being bushed back by her emotion that she was hiding at the begging and which made her a cool character at the time, but still she was a great character herself.
the music for this OVA was just great, i loved that sound track that comes with the gunbuster seances making the fight much more exciting, and that Inazuma (lighting) kick, even thought it was funny at the beginning, it was just plain cool later on.
the Art for it's time was nice, i'm still not that much into the characters design, but it was still classic, what i really hated was the last Ep Black and White panel thing, after 12,000 year people will think that the animation should be more the better, but using black and white coloring was annoying, they say it's artistic and unique, but still it was annoying, if i wanted to watch something in black and white, i would put my sunglasses on, but still, that what makes out Gainax, they always don't disappoint you to be disappointed in the end of anything they make, i'v got used to it, but that doesn't change that this OVA was the best for me so far, even from Gainax.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie of the week:Gall Force - Eternal Story

Gall Force: Eternal Story is the first installment for three Gall force movies, but even though that, you can consider it to be independent from the other ones because of some story elements which i will not discuses about it here; so that i wont spoil the story for you guys. any how, Eternal Story is about 2 advance civilizations which are the "Solenoids" an all women race and "Paranoids" an alien humanoids race, who have been in a war for centuries. it all started with a mission for a Solenoid fleet to defend a new discovered planet called " Chaos" from the paranoids, but a damaged Solenoid ship called the Star Leaf is separated from the fleet, that ship had only 7 survivors, who decided in the end to complete their mission by heading to "chaos" to defend it themselves, and the movie follows them on their quest.
will this is the overall story, but for me; i felt that this anime was trying to present a meaning for life in a different way, which you will find it in the end of this movie.
in the characters department, i think it was lacking in some aspects, first, of all you have to guess who is the main character is! which might actually not be as bad as it sound, second, there is not much development for those characters, but that might be expected for a movie that wanted to focus more on the story itself, third, there is some annoying characters that you might hate, but also to make it better there is some great characters that make up for it.
for the Art and sound, well it is good, i can't say more or less there, and in the end you might want to go watch the other two movies which i might include it in my next order.
a side note: this anime kinda reminded me of the movie "Alien" :P

Friday, October 9, 2009

Skip beat!

i'v started reading Skip Beat! online 2 years ago, but you know, some scanning groups do poor job, i was so into the manga, but when i reached Vol 10 i was shocked to find some pages with no translation at all, or even if they were translated the sub text weren't (and thous sub text are the most funny parts), i was disappointed and dropped reading it, i didn't want to continue killing my enjoyment, and i wasn't able to wait for a better translation group, so i decided to buy this manga and re-read it again, and that's what i did, it really deserve it.
the story follows Kyoko who is in love with her childhood friend sho, when sho decided to go to tokyo to be a singer he asks kyoko to go with him, and she follows him happily quitting her high school to support him, but when kyoko finds out that the only reason sho brought her with him is to use her as a maid, something snaps inside of her and kyoko is never the same.
that snapping scene was truly one of the funniest thing ever, after that kyoko starts her career in show business, and that's only for revenge.
even thought manga about show business is every where, but this manga is one of the best, following kyoko on her revenge journey, while she meets people like Ren who is a big actor who dislikes kyoko's reason for being a star, or Kanae who is for kyoko is the first true friend, or even Lory the President of L.M.E where kyoko works, this manga is full with great characters, amazing art, alot of funny moments and alot of *Oh god this is sooo cute* moments.
and yeah, there is an anime that follows the manga faithfully on the beginning, but the anime skipped Kanae story which was (un-skip-able), and for me i still prefer this manga, with the great illustrations of Nakamura Yoshiki sensei.
Skip Beat! has reached Vol 22 in Japan and it's still ongoing, while the U.S version from Viz has released 19 Vol until now, planing to release Vol 20 on March 2, 2010.
i wish someone buy the rights for Tokyo Crazy Paradise too T_T i want to get it sooo bad.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Pre-Painted Figure

The three main characters of Final Fantasy XIII figurine will come out on Dec 2009 the same as the JPN release of the game. (can't wait to get my hands on this game and those figures too).
i will be quoting the description of the figures starting from here:

"Lightning, the stoic, androgynous beauty is the image girl of the game. Very little is known about her for now, not even her real name, the only thing we could see was her deadly elegance during the action scenes.
Every strand of silvery red hair is crafted to perfection, defiance and determination shines in her eyes"
Buy Lightning at

"Snow Villiers is the complete opposite of Lightning in terms of fighting style and attitude. The big and burly young man is a powerhouse attacker, the sculptors crafted his large frame and rugged appearance."
Buy Snow Villiers at

"The narrator of the game, Vanille is both a pretty face, the cheerful girl and a wonderful ally during battle. The figure makers crafted her loyally according to the character sketches, her reddish brown hair look soft to the touch. Minute details such as the beads and chains she wears are all included."
Buy Oerba Dia Vanille at

i'm really looking foreword to these figures, specially Vanille, she looks very detailed XD.
hope there is one for that Afro guy with the little chocobo on his head too.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Movie of the week: Vexille

Vexille is a movie from the creators of Appleseed, i actually never knew about it until recently even thought i'm a huge fan of Appleseed, and since i was lost, not knowing what to get for myself i decided to try it out.
Vexille movie set on the year 2077, where 10 years ago Japan isolated itself from the rest of the world, thought they still trade with other countries but no one knows what's going on there.
S.W.O.R.D. is a U.S military organization that decided to break into Japan and find out if they are developing banned robotic bio-technology, when they set their foot there, they find out that Japan is not as we or they ever known.
watching this movie kinda reminded me of the Swine Flu and it's Vaccine and the rumors going around about them. it's actually makes me laugh (for the wrong reasons).
this movie had a good story, good characters, and the action was cool, but i was annoyed with the sounds effects, especially the guns (sounded like toys). but over all it made me think (what i'm ever gonna do if Japan has ended as it did in this movie O_O? ).
this movie comes in three different forms, there is the DVD with only the movie (no Extra) and it's the one i got for myself (i didn't look hard enough), there is also the DVD Special Edition with 2 hours of special features, and finally there is the Blu-ray Special Edition which has the same features as the DVD Special Edition.
i really liked this movie, and i recommend any Appleseed fans to watch it, even thought it does not come in pars with it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inuyasha: The Final Act's Preview

warning: this preview contains spoilers, don't watch it unless you have finished the first season.
finally the official preview for the new season of inuyasha is up, with English subtitle too.
the new season titled Inuyasha: The Final Act will air 03/10 (the day after tomorrow), and it will cover the manga from volume 36 to 56.
Animax will air an English subtitled version of the anime after the Japanese airing by a week, starting 10/10.