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Movies pick: Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva

The first movie based on the popular Nintendo DS games is fairly true to the vein of the games it is adapted from. Although the first minute starts of a bit confusing as it begins more like a promo than a film, it quickly falls into a formulaic story. A girl and longtime friend of Layton and his sidekick Luke has arrived in town. An opera diva, she needs their help. Mysterious circumstances are occurring at the opera theatre she performs at and Layton has a nasty hunch that the recent missing girls may be connected to it. Sure enough, Layton is correct. He and a cast of eccentric characters become part of a challenge to find the legendary ambrosia - the elixir of eternal youth. Each has their own reasons for wanting it, but as the puzzles become harder, the consequences more deadly, soon only a few remain. Between careening boats, a pack of mind-controlled wolves and a booby-trapped castle, it will take all of Layton's mental might and Luke's bravery to see through the red h

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