Friday, January 29, 2010

Rune Factory: Frontier Review

Rune Factory: FrontierIf you ever played harvest moon before, then Rune factory shouldn't be any different to you.

You play as the hero, a guy who lost his memory and was rescued by a girl called mist, one day he wakes up to find that his rescuer had gone away, so he set in a trip to find her, and he does so when he get across a village in his travel, the girl gives him a house and a farm to work in it, and here your daily days in tending for your farm and adventuring in this village starts.
i'v played so many harvest moon games before such as Harvest Moon: Back To Nature on the PS1, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland and Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition on the PS2, Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl and Innocent Life: A Future Harvest Moon on the PSP and also Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the GBA and Harvest Moon DS on the DS (WOW, didn't actually know i'v played this much harvest moon games until iv' actually counted them O_O ).
well, it tells how much this game is addicting even thought it has one pattern game play, wake up in the morning, tend to your farm and animals, talk to the town people, find a girl you like, get married, and some games you continue your life with your kids.
well Rune Factory: Frontier presented something different, something more interesting and an adventure that you might not get bored playing after a 2 or 3 years (in the game calender that is), this game is set in a fantasy RPG world, where you go to dungeons and fight monsters along tending to your farm and talking to the town people, you get some weapons, you use magic, and you can catch the monsters and make them fight along side you, or just leave them in the barn and let them help you in taking care of your farm, and by the way those monsters are there instead of the usual animals like cows and chickens, some of them are totally cute, and some are meh, but they are useful.
as the prev harvest moon games, you also can expand your house, you can add facilitates such as the forge where you upgrade your tools or make your weapons, you have your crafting table, you can do some alchemy and of course you can cook.
what i really love in this games is the characters design, they look so nice, the graphic is great, and there is some animated scenes, the characters dubs was okay but for the script itself feels that it's not faithful at some points.
there is so many characters to interact with, so you have so many choices of who you want to befriend or to make it fall in love with the main character.
for me this is the best harvest moon i'v get across, thought the controls sometimes can get annoying specially when you farm, but when you get used to it, it's nothing major.
Nice Opening

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tales of a game that now have seen the light

lately i'v been hooked playing video games and spending more time playing than watching anime (Lately i'v been hooked alot O_O), so i guess you well see more games related posts this month than anime and manga.
anyhow, today i will not give you something like a review or a deep post, it's just about something i found while searching the net.
i haven't played a lot of "Tales of.." games, i'v only played Tales of Eternia and Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology on the PSP, Tales of the Abyss on PS2, and Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on the Wii, so from a series that contains over 13 mother titles alone other than the side titles, i haven't got alot experience in this series, but nontheless i'v liked what i played and want to try more Tales games.
well, two days ago i had the urge to search about this game series, and learn some info about it, as you know, not much tales game have been ported to NA or EU which is disappointing. while searching i found this group called "Absolute zero" which are working on translating some tales title that haven't seen the light for official English releases.
their first project was 'Tales of Phantasia" on the PS which only been released in English on the GBA version thought it has a SNES, PS, and PSP versions that was only released in JP, they have finished translating this game professionally, and fortunately for me i found this game converted to be played on PSP translated by this group HERE (you need to have costumed PSP to play this).
i'v played a little and i can't believe that the translation is by a fan group, it's just amazing how much work have been put into this game to be delivered for other fans for free, which makes me admire this group, they really deserve to be praised.
their other projects for now are "Tales of Innocence" on the DS and "Tales of Destiny" on the PS2, well "Tales of innocence" looks really good T_T, but i don't have a memory for my DSi so i have to pass on it for a while if it got released soon, but i'm looking foreword for "Tales of Destiny", and i hope they have some plans for "Tales of Rebirth" on the PS2 also.
well, if you are a tales fan that really want to enjoy the games that haven't been released officially in English, i recommend you to check this group, and if you like their work, give them some support.

i can't get enough watching this intro

Monday, January 18, 2010

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves Review

Uncharted 2: Among ThievesLately i'v bee hooked with Uncharted, even thought i'm not into Adventure/Action games that much, but since it's been recommended to me i thought i would give it a try.
well, i haven't played the first part of this game, so Among thieves is my starter, anyhow, in uncharted you play as Drake a treasure hunter who is after the Chintamani stone which is said to be in Shambhala or as it's know Shangri-La (isn't that an anime XD) , and that is where marco polo expeditions said to be gone too, to uncover the secret of marco polo, a part of his journey that he never talked about, you have to travel all the way to the Himalaya to find the truth.
for me this game felt like it was a mix of Tomb rider with the adventure and puzzle elements and resident evil with the action element, which is great, because i love these kind of games, and i think that is what helped me try this game in the first place.
aside from the great gaming experience, the graphic got to amaze you, just thinking how games used to look on the first generation of playstation and how it looks now, makes you say "wow". well truly the graphics and the game engine was superb, but still there were some little things that will bother you while you play, like how chloe's eye's are reflecting so much light, or where the only character with the good looking graphics is only Drake, but i guess that is just some miner stuff when it comes to the over all judgment of the game.
while the graphics were undoubtedly the best that i'v seen on the ps3, the gaming experience also were as good, you had so much moves that you can do fighting the enemy, and you get to use different kind of shooting weapons (for me i always prefer to use the hand over the gun :P) , also the puzzle and where you have to look at drake notes that is updated regularly while you are playing is one of my favorite, seeing those funny notes beside a puzzle note gave the game some good feeling to it, thought at the end you just feel that the game becomes a little repetitive and it becomes easy to figure out where to go next, i would loved it to be more deep at that point of the game.
in another hand, the sound part of the game was great, the music was lovely, felt so nice and enjoyable, the dubbing for the characters too was so professional, at times it almost felt that those characters were actually alive, and the visual helpd of course.
over all, this game was as great as people say, and for a person who usually play games that spans more than 50 hours of game play, finishing this one in less than 9 hours (continually dieing - poor drake) felt sad somehow, i wanted it to expand much more (so drake would die much more) , but i guess, i can go finish it in another difficulty level and make sure to get all the treasure and make some good trophies :P
if you haven't played this game yet, you ought to give it a try, it's like watching a good hollywood action movie.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where to buy manga and anime online?

Well, i guess lately the main source for getting what you want is online, for me 95% of my anime/manga collection comes from websites like amazon, rightstuf, Alibris .. etc
in this post i want to share with you the goods and bads of each site i'v dealt or came across too, since i too, had a problem finding a good place to get my portion of anime and manga.
  1. Amazon: this site is as famous as it's gets, and it's the first website that i'v dealt with, what is good about amazon is that it is one huge store that you can find whatever you want in it, that includes anime and manga of course and any related things to them. when it comes to manga, i like amazon's "4-for-3 promotion", that mean you can buy 3 manga and get the fourth for free, if you buy 8 then 2 is free and so on, it's usually good for people who buy huge amount of manga, unfortunately this promotion does not include the new released manga. for the anime, i don't usually buy from amazon itself, but from the retailers, you can find great deals if you search really well, sometimes you can find two retailers competing with each other, everyone of them decreasing the price by few cents every day, buy the end of the week you buy an OVA with less than $2. well, this is mostly for OVA, what i don't like about amazon is that if you buy from amazon itself then you pay taxes, if you you buy a lot of stuff from different retailers then the shipping is a nightmare, but still, amazon is a good place to check out for a good deal, plus they have a good customer service.
  2. Right Stuf: this site has good deals, if you check out their Weekly Specials or Bargain Bin, you can find some cool stuff, and also you have Shawne's Deal of the Day that you can find it at the top right on the content page of the website, which offers you 10 deals per-day, and you have to chose one in less than 60 min, usually the good deals are the last one of the 10, the bad thing about this site is that it's usually out of stock, and you have to wait extra time to get what ever you want, still if you want something real bad you have to give something in return.
  3. Just Manga: well, it's not just manga, they also have anime and related stuff, but they are mainly focusing on manga, to tell you the truth i'v never bought anything from this website, their prices isn't that great, and i'm not sure i can get in one of their clubs to get some discount, but nonetheless, they have a huge amount of manga, they also got a complete manga set offer, the prices might be more than if you bought the whole manga from another website, but if you had a problem finding the whole manga set, then this is your place. i usually check it out to find what complete manga i can get, which i buy from another website, i might try to buy from them one day, and if you got into there $5.55 manga club, then you can get the manga much more cheaper.
  4. Albris: it's a huge book store, so it's a good place to get manga, if you are into used manga, or rare stuff, you might find what you want here. there is a lot of sellers here, it works just like amazon, and it has the same bad shipping nightmare if you buy from different sellers, still, it's a good place to find something that you couldn't find in another place. for me, i would only use it for a last resort.
well, those were the websites that i usually deal with, i might add up more website in another post if i got across them in the future, if you know any good place to buy manga or anime or any related stuff to them, drop a comment.

Friday, January 1, 2010

More Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Pre-Painted Figures has included 3 more Final Fantasy XIII figures for pre-order, unlike the first three figures i included in my previews post here, which will be released on Feb 24, 2010 (did they change the date?), the new set of figures will be released on  May 26, 2010.

"Sazh is a middle-aged man with an afro whom Lightning knows from her time serving in the military; he is a professional airship pilot. Sazh wields dual pistols (which can be combined to form a collapsible rifle)"
Buy Sazh Katzroy at
Did i mention that i wanted this guy as a figure (6_6  ), well, only if the little chocobo is included XD

"Hope is a fourteen-year-old boy with silvery-blonde hair and orange, yellow, and green clothing. He uses collapsible boomerangs in battle."
 Buy Hope Estheim at

"Fang a raven-haired woman who comes from Oerba Village, donning clothing resembling the traditional Indian Sari adorned with tribal accessories, and bearing the mark of a l'Cie on her left shoulder. As revealed by Tetsuya Nomura in an interview, during the early stages of development she was originally scripted to be a male character."
Buy Oerba Yun Fang at
now, that the whole set is here, that leaves us the game to actually play with, lucky japanese playing the game by now T_T, i wish i can read japanese.