Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pokemon Black&White! US version for pre-order

Yay, a new generation of pokemon << hey.. this is an old news..
oh well, guess everyone knows by now that the new generation of pokemon B&W is going to be released for the NDS in Sept 18, 2010, and that is for the Japanese version, as for the US, it's up on play-asia for pre-order and it will be released around Mar, 2011.
the new generation will feature a 3D environment (something totally new for pokemon series on the hand held devices), another new feature is that you will be able to battle other players and interact with them without the need of the friends code << how cool is that???
well, the new three main pokemon are getting uglier with each generation, well the only good looking one is the grass pokemon, so i guess this will be my main pokemon when i get this game..
for pre-order go check play-asia here for Black & white for the japanese version, and here for Black & white for the US verison.
so you know that with the new generation of the game there is a new generation for the anime, right?? well, this is what i'm most exited about ^_^

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Complete manga to get: Black Cat (20 vol)

Black Cat, Vol. 2 (Black Cat (Graphic Novels)) (v. 2)
You know when you start following a manga, you expect reading it to the end, and it get's frustrating if you read a manga and in one point you find that the company responsible for providing it, get's bankrupt, or get the manga on hiatus, or just like one company we all know *coughTokyo..coughpop.. cough* always does not disappoint us to disappoint us.
well, i thought i would start with a series of recommendations about some of the complete manga you might want to start reading, and some of the manga which is still available.
to start off, we are going with our beloved assassin Train, in the manga Black Cat, you might have watched the anime already, and fell in love with it, but if you haven't read the manga, then oh well, lets say the manga is something else, well, i haven't watched the whole anime yet, but i heard the ending is open, so it's all the same, you need to read this manga either way.
This manga follows the story of Train an assassin known in the underworld as the black cat with the tattoo of number XIII on his neck. train leaving his past as an assassin behind, starts working with Sven to work as sweepers, it's a job smiler to bounty hunters catching wanted criminals and delivering them to justice,But trains past is still hunts him putting train on situations that force him to give the cat eye to his enemies, along the way train and sven meets foes and friends who shape the story for them.
This manga comes from Kentaro Yabuki the one responsible of creating Yamato Gensouki, Mayoi Neko Overrun! and To-LOVE-Ru.
Black cat started in 2000 and finished with total of 20 Vol, published in English by Viz Media.