Saturday, February 27, 2010

Heavy rain: review

Heavy RainIt's been a while, sorry for that, this year is one of the busiest years i'v been through, there is studding for my last course in college, video games addicting (especially with all those good games that are coming out right now), trying to keep up with anime watching and there is other stuff too :P
well, i'v come today to review for you the newest greatest hits on the PS3, Heavy rain, a drama/action survival game, with bad moving but a unique action controls.
Heavy rain is about a serial killer who abducts young children which are found after 3 to 5 days dead drowned in rain water with an origami in their hands, you play with 4 different characters to find the leads to that killer, and to find the answer for the question you face in the game "How far will you go to save someone you love?", really, how far can you go?? the answer could hurts sometimes.
the story totally depends on you, you will face different choices and upon what you chose the outcome will differ drastically, not only your choices but also how good you play, or how good is your reflexes can change your characters destiny too, for those character to manage to live through this game, or for you to kill them with a wrong move, and when you do so, you will not game over, but you will continue with the remaining characters you have, i know, because my bad reflexes cost me the life of so many people in this game (could have managed to save a few life if i was a little better on remembering the different between the L and R), so this game has a high replying value, what is more is that when you start playing, believe me, you will not be able to put that controller down, you will starve to know more, to see what comes next, and how your ending will be?
but even thought that this game is great, the moving control can be frustrating, the characters move like a zombie, and it's a fingers killing to manage to make the characters go to the direction you want them to go, but that does not neglect the fact that that same controls can be fun sometimes, with the action and the fight, you can test how good your reflexes are, and you can try different kind of movement along the way.
the music is great, specially when you set with Ethan, he can have some sad music that will make you feel warm and sad at the same time, and also when there is action you get some good BGM.
in the graphics department, i can't really say much on that matter since i still play my PS3 games on a regular TV, sad i know, but let me tell you this, this game were not meant to be played other than on an HDTV, it's obvious with the sad looking colors i'v seen, i'm sure it would be much more good on and HDTV.
anyhow, this one game would be a big waste if you did not give it a try, thought it is not meant for little ones, there is some M scenes that come with some choices you make, well it is rated M after all, but i know some games that are rated M but still playable for younger people, however this game has alot of nudity and some H stuff, so careful not to let any kids see you play. (for me, now i know what choices i should have avoided, and that was not funny at all). still, one of the best games i'v played ever.