Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Games Pre-Order: Sep 29

Play-Asia.com has listed some of the new Games that are up for pre-order, well, this is a recommendations blog so i tried to pick some of the games that i know best, or that i look foreword to it myself to put them up for recommendations, and this list actually has a lot of good games that favor the Hand held consoles, (and sorry there will be no X-box 360 recommendations as i said before) anyhow, lets see what we have here:

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast - JPN

Nintendo Wii
Dragon Ball Z Sparking! NEO (Best Version) - JPN
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade - US
Sushi Go Round - US

Atelier Annie Alchemists of Sera Island - US
Sushi Go Round - US
Pokemon Heart Gold - US
Pokemon Soul Silver - US

Persona 3 Portable - JPN
Itsuka Kono Te ga Kegareru Toki ni: Spectral Force Legacy - JPN
Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star - JPN
LittleBigPlanet - JPN
Valkyria Chronicles 2 - US

For Persona 3 portable, i remember there was discussion about if there will ever be a persona game with a girl protagonist, well, here it is, this game is a remake of the same game on the PS2 but with more features of course, i'm really looking foreword to this one out of all the other games, and hope it get a US release soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box

when i was looking around at Amazon i was surprised to see Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box One listed for pre-order, it seems all dragon ball Z fans knew about this since last July when Funanimation announced it at Otakun (didn't know about it at all).
This new Box set supposedly based on the 5 Dragon Box set that was released in japan several years ago, and they will be replacing the Orange Dragon Ball Z Box set, the only difference is that the U.S release is aiming only for Dragon Ball Z, and they will be releasing 7 sets, while the Japanese release contained the Whole dragon ball series with dragon ball, Z and GT in 5 sets.
i only started watching Dragon Ball Z recently and started with the Orange box set and watch the first 4 sets of it, so i was wondering if i should watch this new release and continue with it from where i stopped, so i posted a question in one of the topics about this box set, and it seems this box set is aimed for hardcore dragon Ball fans (i'm not that much of a fan, i almost slept on the Freza saga and watched over 30 Ep in one day just to get rid of it to start watching tranks XD), so i guess i will keep collecting the orange sets, because in the end, i'm sure a day will come when Dragon Ball will be in Blu-ray, so no use in getting a new set while i'm actually collecting another one.
So, should YOU get this new box set??
if you are a hardcore fan, why not??
this one will be remastered (wasn't the orange ones supposed to be remastered, what a bunch of Liars), but i guess the remastering in the new one is much more *sarcasm*, anyway, this box set will also include an 80 page hardcover book *hoshii*.
i hope they make a dragon box for the movies too, i might get that one for myself since i haven't watched any dragon ball movies yet.
so you can pre-Order your Dragon Box now by clicking here at $55.99 USD.
if only i haven't started with the orange ones =_=!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gaming Consoles: PSP

PlayStation Portable by far is my favorite console, maybe because i grew playing Play Station rather than Nintendo, so when the news for a hand held play station came out, i was so exited, and when i got my PlayStation Portable 1000 i was already up on the seventh cloud, there was 2 different packs at that time, the normal one with the 32 mb memory, and the 1 giga pack, but what thous packs had was more than what it comes with the PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 now, but i guess it's more money saver than the old one.
in the recent years Sony tried to offer more than the gaming Experience in it's consoles, with the PSP you can watch movies, listen to mp3, save pictures and brows the internet.
hackers also made it possible to download ISO files to play games on the memory was it PSP games or old PSX games, that is only for the PSP 1000 and PSP 2000, while the PSP 3000 had a security system that made it hard to hack until now, that is why most people buy PSP 2000 now. that's why some stores which bought a large inventory of the PSP 3000 suffered great loss because of it, especially the ones which were offering the hacked systems, well that is in one region of the world, so i don't know if this has affected other regions. but i guess that what comes with piracy, right?
well for me, it's true that i download some games on my PSP, but i'm limiting it to PSX games and Japanese PSP games that i know that i will not stick playing with it for a long time, for the games i love, like RPGs and what i think it will interest me, i prefer to buy it, even if i had to wait i while to get it.
a new system for the PSP will come next week, that is PSP Go, with new slid shape, it seemed cool. and i thought it might be time for me to get a new PSP since i only have the old PSP 1000, but one thing has turned me down. i knew that the PSP Go will diffidently have a security system smiler to the PSP 3000 and i was o.k with it, but the problem is, that the only way to play on this one is by downloading games, and i really hated the thought of not buying any new UMDs, i really love thous little things, even thought by buying the games and downloading them we well be able save alot of money, but for a collector freak like me, i didn't like that thought that much, so i'm having a second thought of getting this one.
so PSP has alot of systems to chose from, they variate between their cost, their ability to be hacked or not and shape, so it depends on what that person want to chose, what the perfect system for him or her.
for the games, i have tried more games on this console than the other 3 that i talked about previously all together, the first game i started with which had alot of memories being my companion from the start was Popolocrois a remake of a game that was released in three parts , even thought it had a long loading wait, it was by far one of the best classic RPG that i'v played with, having a great story and amazing sound tracks.
my favorite RPG games and what i would be recommending to any RPG fans are:Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, another remake for the same game that was released on the PSX, with new CG seance (i played both versions and they are alike, but i enjoyed the PSP version much more).
Jeanne D'arc a tactic game that i enjoyed more than any other, and to tell you the truth, i hate tactic games, and this one is the second tactic games that i'v finished in my whole life, and it's truly amazing. there is also Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and if you don't know what is this game, then go hit your head on the wall behind you, it's the prequel for FFVII, it had a boring battle system that i hated and other people seemed to love it, but as i finished this one, i couldn't stop crying, and it's rare for me to cry because of a game.
well it's not only RPG games, of course there is other good games for the PSP like Tekken - Dark Resurrection for Tekken's fans as me, and there is Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes but i still prefer the PS2 and PS3 versions over the PSP one, and also there is the little cute Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure game.
and of course there is the new genre that it seemed all the companies are having a fever over it, with bringing different characters form different games to have battle 'em up game, like Dissidia Final Fantasy (tried the japanease version and fell in love with it, and to make a note, the Demo that came out a while ago doesn't present the tiniest thing of this game) i'm going to get this one soon (i hope), and also there is Tales of VS. (hope we can see a U.S release soon), and a few days ago there was news for .hack//Link.
well there is diffidently tons of other games than the ones i mentioned, and i think i made this post longer than enough (whoa God, hope people don't sleep reading only half of it :P )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

They Were Eleven

I've decided to review some of the old anime around, they are good, classic and some of them is a hidden treasure.
They Were Eleven is 1986, 90 min anime movie, that was adapted from the manga by Moto Hagio which was relesed as one of the stories in the"Four Shojo Stories" manga.
The story is about Ten young space cadets who are put onto a decommissioned spaceship as their final test. If they pass this test, their lifelong dreams of being valued people in their respective societies will come true. Their orders are to survive as long as they can with what they have. However, once they arrive at the decommissioned ship, they find that their crew has gained an eleventh member.
As the days pass, the eleven cadets must deal with their suspicions of each other as well as the sudden knowledge that the spaceship is in a decaying orbit around a star, which is causing the temperature on the ship to rise. With this rise in temperature, a sickness begins to spread among the crew as they work to stabilize their orbit and determine who among them is the spy..~(from Wikipedia).
This anime shows different people from different back grounds and races living in one environment, fighting one problem after another, which was the biggest one of them "suspicion". feeling the tension between the crew grows over time with no leads to who is that Eleventh person makes you sympathize with each one of them.
for a 1986 movie the Art is an aye candy, but it might be just me who like this style of art, but as i compared it to other classic anime from that time, "they were Eleven" was as good as it could be.
for the OST unfortunately i'm bad at remembering them from movies, but the ending song "Boku no Honesty" by Shinichiro Kawakami was a good closing to the anime, a nice quite song.
it's been a while since i'v watched a movie as good as this one, i pretty much recommend it to anyone who like classic space anime.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gaming Consoles: NDS

every one know the ugly duck story right?
when the DS came out for the first time, it had an ugly and not perfect closing shape, but at it's time it was something original from Nintendo that presented to us it's original GameBoy, color and Advance systems, so any fan of those previews systems had to get his hand on this new touch double screen system, i was one of thous fans, i got the original standerd NDS system with it's silver color as a graduation present 4 years ago with two games which were Puyo Pop Fever (a really addicting and fun game), and Pokemon Dash (a disappointing game), and what was fun about the DS was the ability to play the GBA games with it's Extra GBA slot, and some times the GBC games :P, so there was no need to switch playing with two systems.
after a while Nintendo released a new version for the DS called Nintendo DS Lite, and that is when the ugly duck turned to a beautiful swan, with a bigger screens and smaller nicer design.
at first i didn't find the need to buy that one, but after my niece missed up my old DS with putting alot of scratchs on it, i decided to buy DS Lite, and had my eyes on Nintendo DS Lite Pokemon Bundle (i really wanted that one), but one of my friends stopped me saying that there is some rumors for newer DS system, and i decided to wait a little longer to see what thouse rumors were about? that is when the new Nintendo DSi came to light, with surprisingly a built in camera, even bigger screens and smaller nicer design, but unfortunately with no GBA slot T_T.
the new DSi had also the ability for Web browsing, downloading games and programs and Editing pictures.
The DS in general has a unique gaming Experience with it's touch screen, it allows it to have games that otherwise you can't enjoy it if you played it in another system, and the good part about it is that it's fit for 3+ old children, my niece is so into this system, she really love Nintendogs, even thought she hates real dogs :P
for me i like those Exploring Games like Trace Memory (i love it, but it's too short that you can finish it in one day), there is also Time Hollow (loved it) and the brain challenging game Professor Layton and the Curious Village which it's new sequel Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box came out last month.
the DS also has some good port games such as the Final Fantasy series, and the lovely Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure game (played this one on PSX and it's one of my favorite, and thinking of getting it on the DS).
there is always some parents who asks me what to buy for their kids? a PSP or DS? my answer is the DS, since that this one is more family friendly.
but if you asked me what do i prefer, i would say the PSP, since for me it has more Enjoyable RPG games, while the ones on the DS are graphically ill, and the touch screen for RPG games are not needed. that's why my RPG collection on the PSP is larger than the ones on DS, but still the DS has it's own good parts, especially with the new DSi system.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

anime on Blu-ray

i still remember the time of the 100 years war, oh man.. wasn't it hard, people were..
what's that??
oh sorry, wrong post.
in the recent years every new thing in the market had to have a war, the war of the consoles, the war of storage media, the war between Blu-ray vs. HD, and i still remember how different production studios were taking sides for aether one, so what happened to the HD?? i wonder!?
for the Blu-ray it seems it survived that war, seeing how it's expanding.
at first the Blu-ray prices were really high (duh), every time i saw a B.r movie i would check it's price and then return it to the shelf walking away from it, pretending that i didn't see a thing (the number was scary), now i can say things have changed, seeing how B.r prices is decreasing and different old movies and classic ones released as B.r, makes you think that the age for DVDs is almost over (DVDs R.I.P)
anime had it's share from B.r, thought there is still a long way for the anime that is released in the U.S., we can see that is in Japan it is moving pretty well. and it makes us wonder if the future releases well only be on B.r (people who has no Blu-ray player, or even a PS3 that can play it, should think of getting one now).
now the prices of B.r is competing with the prices of DVDs in amazon, for Example if you check the prices of Devil May Cry: DVD Box Set and Devil May Cry: Blu-ray Box Set in this day, you can see that the Blu-ray is cheaper by $6. and if you compare Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: DVD Box Set and Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: Blu-ray Box Set, then you can save $9 if you get the B.r box set.
i'm not saying all Blu-ray anime are cheaper, because you can find some DVDs cheaper here and there, and beside, the prices shuffle pretty fast in amazon, like Dragon Ball Z - Season Five , it was $27 few weeks ago, and then it went to $34 for few days, and 2 weeks ago it went down to $20 (O_O)? (i had my eyes on it because i wanted to get it when i get my allowance next month).
but if you look on some of the new box sets that are coming in for the next few months, like Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: Season 1 and Burst Angel: (including the OVA) , you can see what i'm saying.
unfortunately the market is still new for anime Blu-ray, so there is so little choices you can make, but even so, it's somehow encouraging.
i don't think i will run away from Blu-ray now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nodame Cantabile

you know what they say "you can't find what you really want, but what you don't want is setting in front of you", and that happens to me all the time.
going back on time, the year was 300 b.m *fiction. i found Nodame Cantabile in a book store while i was looking around if i can find any manga section, and seeing how rare manga are where i live, i was exited. i stood there for like 15 minuets just looking at them "they really sell manga here O_O ", it was a small shelf with around 30 manga books at most, and i'v never ever saw that much manga infront of me before (now i see more than that every day when i wake up on the morning).
Nodame Cantabile stood more than the others for having more space for it, seeing how it was the only one with the most Vol. it attracted me, i read about it before that, so i knew what this manga was about at that time, but i neglected it and kept looking around so that i might find something better (looking back, that was really a stupid thought), any how, there was hardly any good manga, so i looked back at it, and picked it up at last, i'v just bought the first 4 books, and left.
i started reading the manga as soon as i got home, and was hooked that i finished all 4 books in one set and felt totally hopeless, why didn't i get more of this thing??
thank god now i have all the books that was released till now, and can't wait for more to come, now that i finished my life story, lets talk about this manga.
the story revolves around Chiaki, a son of a famous pianist who has a phobia from flying or even swimming, Chiaki is a music student playing Piano and aims to be a conductor like his mentor.
one day, when Chiaki walks away annoyed from his piano teacher he hears a weird piano playing but good, that was the lazy, dirty and messy Nodame who knows nothing about reading a music score, for Chiaki's surprise that girl lives next door to his.
This manga is a mix of comedy, romance *love* and music history, i don't know a thing about music or what ever, so i learned alot about it in this manga, and you should know that this manga won the 2004 Kodansha Manga Award for shojo manga, and it truly deserve it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gaming Consoles: Wii

Today we will present the cute little Consoles from Nintendo, to tell the truth, i didn't think i will ever buy this one any time soon, for two reasons: 1) i never bought any Nintendo Console before (Except for the GBC, GBA and DS " you can see they are all hand-held ones") , i was never interested in the big ones like N64 or Dream Cast or what ever,and the Wii it self seemed childish, so why would i get one ??
if my cousin hadn't brought his Wii to show off with it, i wouldn't have thought of it at all, i just played Wii Sport and i was hooked.. later i did some research on it, and saw some videos and found the Wii Fit, and there.. i kept on saying "i want one", and i really wanted something to keep me moving around.
So i bought it, and that was last year, yeah the Wii Fit has some dust on it because i play on it once a month or 2, but hey.. it seems to be working :P. (it need some one who can fix his schedule T_T)
well, what is so good about the Wii then?
it is not like the PS3 or the Xbox 360 where they has a great Graphics and strong engines, the Wii uses the old Graphic system, but what makes it unique is the way you play it, you don't sit there and just press on buttons, because you have to move your arms in weird ways to play, it is fun in some games, but it can get annoying in others, but that doesn't change the fact that the gaming Experience is totally different.
unfortunately i didn't get to play alot of games on the Wii, because it was hard getting good games on my local stores, and the problem is that the region of the games can brick your Wii if you are not careful (mine is bricked already because i had to play Another Code:R which is Pal on my NTSC system), well, the game is really good, i couldn't pass on it, since it's the continuation for Trace Memory that was released on the DS, and i can always un-brick the system by downloading new updates from new games.
anyway, another good games for this System are Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, you know it's one of the TALES games, so no passing it, and you have The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (it is the same as the one on Game Cube, but the way you play it is different because of the controller of the Wii), i also enjoy playing Mario Super Sluggers and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and there is also Pokemon Battle Revolution (well, i was disappointed with this one because it's not like the other Pokemon RPG games that i played with, but the fun part is that you can transfer your Pokemon from your DS to this game through wi-fi and play them on it, and there is online playing too).
the Wii is fun as you play with other people, but i don't think it's a game for only one person, so it might get boring over time, that is what happened with me for the Wii Fit, as long as there is some one who break a record on it, i get exited and try to break them. so if you have a large family members or you usually play with friends, this system is not bad, but it really lake some great games, the games it has are (how could i put it??) "normal" i think? not something Extraordinary, but it's still fun.