Saturday, March 27, 2010

pokemon SoulSilver version review

Pokemon SoulSilver Version Software OnlyBeen released recently the latest pokemon series games Pokemon SoulSilver and Pokemon HeartGold in the DS, the remakes for the old Pokemon Gold/ Pokemon Silver Versions on the Game boy Color.
i'v actually played the original games on the GBC and was so exited to see those remakes coming out to the DS.
as i'v finished the Gold version first on the GBC, i thought i will go with the soulsilver for the DS, and so i got it.
There is a few addition to this game that makes it different than any previews pokemon games you have played before:
1-There is the new accessory the pokewalker, which allows you to transfer one pokemon to it, and by holding it while you walk you can collect watts that allows you to play mini-games such as catching pokemon or finding items, it also makes your pokemon more friendlier with you + it rises it's level by one every time you take it to a walk.
2- you get to have one starter pokemon from each region, which are from the Johto Starters: Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile, Kanto Starters: Bulbasaur,  Charmander and Squirtle and Hoenn Starters:Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip.
3- when you play, one of your pokemon follows you while you are walking (remember pikachu in pokemon yellow?).
well, the story as usual is that you find your self in a journey to become a pokemon trainer, and in a mission to collect pokemon and fill your pokedex, that have never changed in any pokemon game before, there is your rival, there is the eight pokemon gym leaders, in this game there is up to 16 gym leader as that you play in 2 regions the Johto and the Kanto region, there is also your final destination to prove yourself worthy of being a pokemon trainer the pokemon league, there is also the legendary pokemons that you can not tolerate not getting them on your team.
the music is just the same, maybe enhanced a little, but it's your usual pokemon BGM.
the graphics are the same, there is one addition thought, which is the introduction background image that you see whenever you enter a new area, i really liked this small addition, even thought it's not anything fancy.
the interface for the game has changed drastically, your pokedex has a net pokemon show screen, and in the touch screen rests your menu screen , i still have some hard time getting used to it, since this is the first time that the menu screen has change this much, but still it's suitable for the DS touch screen.
You can expect all the Wi-Fi events that was introduced to the previews D/P and platinum in this one too,exchange your pokemon, complete your pokedex, and become the best pokemon master there is.
i'm definitly going to get Pokemon HeartGold Version to.

looking foreword to the next pokemon generation, i don't know if you heard about it, but a new pokemon game is in the making ^_^.

Intro to the SoulSilver game

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sonic and the Black Knight Action Figure

Sonic and the Black Knight Exclusive Action Figure Sonic the HedgehogDetails
Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
From: Sonic and the Black Knight video game on the Wii
production: Jazwares
Height:  5 inches

Got this the other day upon seeing it on the shelf staring at me, i heard voices and cries asking for Help....
Just kidding.
really thought, i have a really small figure collection, so whenever i see them i just goes to the super highper shopping mode, and get them what ever the cost, anything related to video games, anime or manga get's me into that mode..
Sonic and the Black Knight Action Figure is good looking, and very detailed one at that, unfortunately it's so very detailed that it ignored the facts that virtual sizes if was to be converted to real can be problematic with gravity rules implemented, to make it simple sonic's big head and small body can't be used in real life subjects, because that small body can not hold it's balance supporting such large head, so making this figure actually do different kind of posses can be a little frustrating at times, which makes you think a display Stand would be very helpful.
in another note, with all that is said up, i really like this figure, it is good looking after all, and if you are a sonic fan you will love it for sure, but don't expect it will stand still in it's place, it's the fastest hedgehog after all, and falling in a speed that you can't actually see is one of it's traits.

it can stand broadly as you can see, he is fitting really well

the problem is, you can't have two sword's masters at the same time
"Yuko & Sachi in the back are having fun watching the fight, it's been a while since there was any action"
A side note: Christopher from "Sonic X" has always reminded me of Sora, that is weird

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII - Freezing issues (warning)

Answer the poll to the right please.
I really didn't want to write anything about FFXIII until i progress further into the game, but as many of you know, there is so many people complaining about the game being laggy and that it freezes randomly, sometimes at the same spot with no hope of continuing the game.
unfortunately, i got the same problem too, i first noticed it when i was on chapter 6, the screen goes black when there is a transitions between scenes that occur, it happened twice, so i turned off the system, when i got back and played it again it played with no problems, that is until i reached the end of chapter 7, every time i beat the boss and i get the loading screen after the scene, it just freezes showing that is loading.
well, the problem might not be only the freezing issue, it's been noticed that after this problem, some other games freezes too, and faces some problems when they are played, and that also happened to me when i tried to turn on heavy rain, it just wouldn't work, so i left the system turned off to cool down (i wounder if it will run now, didn't try that yet). "Edit: it turns that one of the save file for heavy rain gone corrupted upon playing after facing the problem with FFXIII freezing, so it would be wise if you let the system cool off if you faced the freeze, and do not play or open any save file to be cautious."
to make it clear, i have an 80g fat ps3, the problem is happening also on 20g, 40g, 60g and some people who own the slim reported the same problem, also the X360 has it too, so i don't believe it's the system fault, it's mostly because of the game, beside, have anyone heard of any complaints about the JP version of the game???
anyhow, if you faced those freezing issues, be warned, don't play the game until there is some official statement about it comes out, i doubt that aether sony or Square Enix will just set with their hands up on the air while all those people are having those problems and sending their complains about it.
simple.. contact sony and Square Enix about the problem and let them know, if there is so many people complaining about this, then they should do something about it, or the trust we gave them will go away, and i don't think they want that to happen.
hope this problem get solved soon, i was really anticipating this game for years, and it might be the final "final fantasy" game that i would ever play, so i wished it would be a great closer for me to this series, if i was ever gonna stop playing the large platforms games.(i hope i don't stop thought).