Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anime S.A.V.E.

Beck Box Set S.A.V.E.Been browsing Amazon lately and found some anime that been promoted as a S.A.V.E editions.
well, the prices truly can makes you droll over them, up to 50% off O_O..
The anime list is long, for me i had my eyes on Pumpkin Scissors: The Complete Series Box Set for a long time, and it was too expensive for me to get, but with the S.A.V.E deal, that is (well, how much was it?? i can't even remember) down to $14.99.
i was thinking of completing my manga collection, but i guess i can let that wait for a while, and get my hand on some anime box sets, after all there is over 300 anime title, and the deal end on 04/19.
you can find the anime listed for this Here.
i will have a hard time choosing out of all those in such a short time.