Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Seed: Mitama Collection review

Bought this anime from amazon a while ago, i didn't really know what should i get at that time, there is so much anime that i want to watch, and in the end i went and got the least anime i know about, which the only reason i did that for was because i wanted to hear Megumi Hayashibara voice again, since i'm a big fan of her, so blue seed was the only anime for her as the main character voice that i didn't watch, and knowing that she is the lead voice i didn't need to know anymore information.
to start of, this anime is just another 90's monsters action/romance anime, which could be one of the best anime of it's genre.
The story follows momiji a teenage girl who is the key to save human race from the plans of the aragami, with Kusanagi by her side who has 7 mitamas fused into his body giving him a monstrous powers, fighting the aragami is just a daily routine for them, but momiji has more to deal with other than the aragami, which is her feelings toward kusanagi.what i liked about this collection is that it's not only containing the whole 26 Ep, but it also has the 14 hilarious special Ep (omake) + Blue Seed Beyond OVA, so it is truly a collection.
the music in this anime suits it very will, it's classically 90's, while Listening to it, it made me think that it's blue seed, it's feels like it, it is it.
for the box cover art, i really wanted the Blue Seed black box with the blue mitama on it it looked nicer than the Mitama Collection but still,this box cover isn't that bad, the discs covers inside were OK, but anyhow, you have to look into the inner beauty :P
i would recommend this anime for any classical monsters fighting fans, and for any Megumi Hayashibara's fan, and to tell you the truth, those Omake are a win, i really loved them.
Here is the Opening for the anime

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