Thursday, September 17, 2009

anime on Blu-ray

i still remember the time of the 100 years war, oh man.. wasn't it hard, people were..
what's that??
oh sorry, wrong post.
in the recent years every new thing in the market had to have a war, the war of the consoles, the war of storage media, the war between Blu-ray vs. HD, and i still remember how different production studios were taking sides for aether one, so what happened to the HD?? i wonder!?
for the Blu-ray it seems it survived that war, seeing how it's expanding.
at first the Blu-ray prices were really high (duh), every time i saw a B.r movie i would check it's price and then return it to the shelf walking away from it, pretending that i didn't see a thing (the number was scary), now i can say things have changed, seeing how B.r prices is decreasing and different old movies and classic ones released as B.r, makes you think that the age for DVDs is almost over (DVDs R.I.P)
anime had it's share from B.r, thought there is still a long way for the anime that is released in the U.S., we can see that is in Japan it is moving pretty well. and it makes us wonder if the future releases well only be on B.r (people who has no Blu-ray player, or even a PS3 that can play it, should think of getting one now).
now the prices of B.r is competing with the prices of DVDs in amazon, for Example if you check the prices of Devil May Cry: DVD Box Set and Devil May Cry: Blu-ray Box Set in this day, you can see that the Blu-ray is cheaper by $6. and if you compare Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: DVD Box Set and Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: Blu-ray Box Set, then you can save $9 if you get the B.r box set.
i'm not saying all Blu-ray anime are cheaper, because you can find some DVDs cheaper here and there, and beside, the prices shuffle pretty fast in amazon, like Dragon Ball Z - Season Five , it was $27 few weeks ago, and then it went to $34 for few days, and 2 weeks ago it went down to $20 (O_O)? (i had my eyes on it because i wanted to get it when i get my allowance next month).
but if you look on some of the new box sets that are coming in for the next few months, like Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: Season 1 and Burst Angel: (including the OVA) , you can see what i'm saying.
unfortunately the market is still new for anime Blu-ray, so there is so little choices you can make, but even so, it's somehow encouraging.
i don't think i will run away from Blu-ray now.

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