Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box

when i was looking around at Amazon i was surprised to see Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box One listed for pre-order, it seems all dragon ball Z fans knew about this since last July when Funanimation announced it at Otakun (didn't know about it at all).
This new Box set supposedly based on the 5 Dragon Box set that was released in japan several years ago, and they will be replacing the Orange Dragon Ball Z Box set, the only difference is that the U.S release is aiming only for Dragon Ball Z, and they will be releasing 7 sets, while the Japanese release contained the Whole dragon ball series with dragon ball, Z and GT in 5 sets.
i only started watching Dragon Ball Z recently and started with the Orange box set and watch the first 4 sets of it, so i was wondering if i should watch this new release and continue with it from where i stopped, so i posted a question in one of the topics about this box set, and it seems this box set is aimed for hardcore dragon Ball fans (i'm not that much of a fan, i almost slept on the Freza saga and watched over 30 Ep in one day just to get rid of it to start watching tranks XD), so i guess i will keep collecting the orange sets, because in the end, i'm sure a day will come when Dragon Ball will be in Blu-ray, so no use in getting a new set while i'm actually collecting another one.
So, should YOU get this new box set??
if you are a hardcore fan, why not??
this one will be remastered (wasn't the orange ones supposed to be remastered, what a bunch of Liars), but i guess the remastering in the new one is much more *sarcasm*, anyway, this box set will also include an 80 page hardcover book *hoshii*.
i hope they make a dragon box for the movies too, i might get that one for myself since i haven't watched any dragon ball movies yet.
so you can pre-Order your Dragon Box now by clicking here at $55.99 USD.
if only i haven't started with the orange ones =_=!!!

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