Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Starting at 9

Hello there guys.. today is a unique day with triple 9 that you might not see again for another 10 years, and since we are opening this site, i thought i would start my recommendations with something unique too, and where can you find another uniqueness away from Ghibli's greatest magical movies that the older peoples enjoys them as much or might be more than the kids?

  • starting with the first anime movie (one of the best movies ever) that won an OSCAR award "Spirited Away" that follows the story of Chihiro who was moving away to a new city, and found herself trapped in another dimension working under the witch Yubaba surrounded by a magical creatures.
  • second is the ever lasting master piece "Castle in the Sky", one of my favorite personally. a story about an island that flies in the sky and the only key to get there is a crystal pendant that the little Sheeta has, and while the pirates are after her she meets the boy Pazu who decided to protect her after hearing her story.
  • third is "The Cat Returns", for haru who was a school girl, life was just boring, until she saved a cat one day, for her bravery it was decided by the cats king that haru will be awarded to be the king's son (a cat) wife, but their is baron (another cat) who will be able to save her .
  • fourth "Howl's Moving Castle", where a girl named Sophie works in a hat shop meets a handsome wizard called Howl, unfortunately, a witch cast a spell on Sophie out of jealousy of her friendship with Howl, for that Sophie follows Howls on his moving castle to bark on an adventure full of magic.
  • fifth has Miyazaki's favorite things which are Air planes in the movie "Porco Rosso", that follows the story of a pilot that was cursed to look like a pig,unfortunately we never know how that curse was cast on him or why? but over all, this movie had it's own uniqueness that deserve to be one of Ghiblis most recommended movies to watch.
  • sixth we have "Kiki's Delivery Service", a movie about an apprentice witch who moved to the city to be a full fledged witch, she finds a job as a delivery person to meet her day end while practicing her magic, but life is never easy.
  • seventh is "Princess Mononoke", an Epic story about the fight between man and nature with of course a magical settings, this movie follows the story about a young warrior who was infected by a curse that will kill him, to get rid of it he travels away from his village to find a cure, and on his way he meets a girl that was raised by wolfs.
  • our eightieth recommendation is "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" one of my favorite movies too that was adapted from Miyazaki's own manga. the story is about a world where man and nature could not live together out of pollution, a large insects threatens the life of the few last people living there, in the valley of the wind there was princess who loved nature and had her own visions for this world.
  • our last movie is peoples favorite monster "My Neighbor Totoro", that follows satsuki and mei a two sisters that are living with their dad while their mother was in hospital, they meet the cute monster Totoro who can only be seen by a child eye, and his weird friends, getting into a magical adventure.
thous were our first recommendations to celebrate this blog's opening on this unique day, i know thous are old movies but they deserve the unique treatment, i hope you enjoy them as much as i did, and there will be much more variate recommendations on the near future. so keep your eyes open.

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