Monday, September 14, 2009

Gaming Consoles: Wii

Today we will present the cute little Consoles from Nintendo, to tell the truth, i didn't think i will ever buy this one any time soon, for two reasons: 1) i never bought any Nintendo Console before (Except for the GBC, GBA and DS " you can see they are all hand-held ones") , i was never interested in the big ones like N64 or Dream Cast or what ever,and the Wii it self seemed childish, so why would i get one ??
if my cousin hadn't brought his Wii to show off with it, i wouldn't have thought of it at all, i just played Wii Sport and i was hooked.. later i did some research on it, and saw some videos and found the Wii Fit, and there.. i kept on saying "i want one", and i really wanted something to keep me moving around.
So i bought it, and that was last year, yeah the Wii Fit has some dust on it because i play on it once a month or 2, but hey.. it seems to be working :P. (it need some one who can fix his schedule T_T)
well, what is so good about the Wii then?
it is not like the PS3 or the Xbox 360 where they has a great Graphics and strong engines, the Wii uses the old Graphic system, but what makes it unique is the way you play it, you don't sit there and just press on buttons, because you have to move your arms in weird ways to play, it is fun in some games, but it can get annoying in others, but that doesn't change the fact that the gaming Experience is totally different.
unfortunately i didn't get to play alot of games on the Wii, because it was hard getting good games on my local stores, and the problem is that the region of the games can brick your Wii if you are not careful (mine is bricked already because i had to play Another Code:R which is Pal on my NTSC system), well, the game is really good, i couldn't pass on it, since it's the continuation for Trace Memory that was released on the DS, and i can always un-brick the system by downloading new updates from new games.
anyway, another good games for this System are Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, you know it's one of the TALES games, so no passing it, and you have The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (it is the same as the one on Game Cube, but the way you play it is different because of the controller of the Wii), i also enjoy playing Mario Super Sluggers and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and there is also Pokemon Battle Revolution (well, i was disappointed with this one because it's not like the other Pokemon RPG games that i played with, but the fun part is that you can transfer your Pokemon from your DS to this game through wi-fi and play them on it, and there is online playing too).
the Wii is fun as you play with other people, but i don't think it's a game for only one person, so it might get boring over time, that is what happened with me for the Wii Fit, as long as there is some one who break a record on it, i get exited and try to break them. so if you have a large family members or you usually play with friends, this system is not bad, but it really lake some great games, the games it has are (how could i put it??) "normal" i think? not something Extraordinary, but it's still fun.

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