Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nodame Cantabile

you know what they say "you can't find what you really want, but what you don't want is setting in front of you", and that happens to me all the time.
going back on time, the year was 300 b.m *fiction. i found Nodame Cantabile in a book store while i was looking around if i can find any manga section, and seeing how rare manga are where i live, i was exited. i stood there for like 15 minuets just looking at them "they really sell manga here O_O ", it was a small shelf with around 30 manga books at most, and i'v never ever saw that much manga infront of me before (now i see more than that every day when i wake up on the morning).
Nodame Cantabile stood more than the others for having more space for it, seeing how it was the only one with the most Vol. it attracted me, i read about it before that, so i knew what this manga was about at that time, but i neglected it and kept looking around so that i might find something better (looking back, that was really a stupid thought), any how, there was hardly any good manga, so i looked back at it, and picked it up at last, i'v just bought the first 4 books, and left.
i started reading the manga as soon as i got home, and was hooked that i finished all 4 books in one set and felt totally hopeless, why didn't i get more of this thing??
thank god now i have all the books that was released till now, and can't wait for more to come, now that i finished my life story, lets talk about this manga.
the story revolves around Chiaki, a son of a famous pianist who has a phobia from flying or even swimming, Chiaki is a music student playing Piano and aims to be a conductor like his mentor.
one day, when Chiaki walks away annoyed from his piano teacher he hears a weird piano playing but good, that was the lazy, dirty and messy Nodame who knows nothing about reading a music score, for Chiaki's surprise that girl lives next door to his.
This manga is a mix of comedy, romance *love* and music history, i don't know a thing about music or what ever, so i learned alot about it in this manga, and you should know that this manga won the 2004 Kodansha Manga Award for shojo manga, and it truly deserve it.

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