Thursday, September 10, 2009

R.O.D collection

Lately, i started with R.O.D series and i'v yet to read the manga. I my self used to love reading books back when i was a high schooler, well they mostly were novels and short stories, though i stopped reading for a while but my love for collecting books never stopped and i have a bunch of them that i never read and they are just there for display (poor books), i'm not ashamed to say that what got me into books first was "Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari - 1987" seeing how jo was obsessed with books it just made it's impact on my 8 yrs old self . i actually forgot that fact until i started Re-watching the anime recently and i was "Oh.. i remember now".
lately i got my loving books self back again and i started reading and wanting to get even more books, that was simply again because of an anime, and that is what i will be recommending for today.
Starting with the "R.O.D. - Read or Die OVA", it's a 3 EP OVA that follows the cutely nerd Yomiko readman who has the power to manipulate papers at her will in a mission to get back a rare book that was stolen from her and which the British Library Special Engineering Force are after, i would recommend watching the OVA first thing for two reasons: one is that it was the first thing that was produced out of this series and two, because all the related anime + manga is taking for granted that you have watched that OVA, so there is some flash backs that you might think it's confusing if you haven't watched this OVA. the reason for me pointing that, is because i know alot of people who always start reading the manga thinking that it was published before the anime, That IS true for most manga, but some are based on anime, another reason that there is other people who start with the long thing first which is in this case the T.V series, but don't do it in this case.
For the"R.O.D - Read or Die TV Series" or also known for "Read or Dream", it follows after the OVA by around 4 years focusing on the three sisters with the paper manipulating power who were given the mission to protect the writer Nenene Sumiregawa from terrorists and who has some past connection with Yomiko our heroin from the OVA. this anime has a lovely sound track, especially for the fighting scene, and i can't get enough of it. if you are going to buy this anime i would suggest buying the individual DVDs over the box set from retailers, that would be lighter for your wallet, there is 7 Volumes with 26 Ep total.
Lastly we have the manga, well i'v only read the first chapter of the 3 sisters manga long time ago, i remember that it was really good and that's why i started with this anime and ova. all i know is that the manga stories are based on the anime, so you have to watch the anime before reading it. i'm thinking of getting it soon as i finish watching that anime. there is 4 Volumes for each manga, one is about yumiko Readman titled "Read or Die", and the other is about the three sisters titled "Read or Dream".

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