Friday, September 25, 2009

Gaming Consoles: PSP

PlayStation Portable by far is my favorite console, maybe because i grew playing Play Station rather than Nintendo, so when the news for a hand held play station came out, i was so exited, and when i got my PlayStation Portable 1000 i was already up on the seventh cloud, there was 2 different packs at that time, the normal one with the 32 mb memory, and the 1 giga pack, but what thous packs had was more than what it comes with the PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 now, but i guess it's more money saver than the old one.
in the recent years Sony tried to offer more than the gaming Experience in it's consoles, with the PSP you can watch movies, listen to mp3, save pictures and brows the internet.
hackers also made it possible to download ISO files to play games on the memory was it PSP games or old PSX games, that is only for the PSP 1000 and PSP 2000, while the PSP 3000 had a security system that made it hard to hack until now, that is why most people buy PSP 2000 now. that's why some stores which bought a large inventory of the PSP 3000 suffered great loss because of it, especially the ones which were offering the hacked systems, well that is in one region of the world, so i don't know if this has affected other regions. but i guess that what comes with piracy, right?
well for me, it's true that i download some games on my PSP, but i'm limiting it to PSX games and Japanese PSP games that i know that i will not stick playing with it for a long time, for the games i love, like RPGs and what i think it will interest me, i prefer to buy it, even if i had to wait i while to get it.
a new system for the PSP will come next week, that is PSP Go, with new slid shape, it seemed cool. and i thought it might be time for me to get a new PSP since i only have the old PSP 1000, but one thing has turned me down. i knew that the PSP Go will diffidently have a security system smiler to the PSP 3000 and i was o.k with it, but the problem is, that the only way to play on this one is by downloading games, and i really hated the thought of not buying any new UMDs, i really love thous little things, even thought by buying the games and downloading them we well be able save alot of money, but for a collector freak like me, i didn't like that thought that much, so i'm having a second thought of getting this one.
so PSP has alot of systems to chose from, they variate between their cost, their ability to be hacked or not and shape, so it depends on what that person want to chose, what the perfect system for him or her.
for the games, i have tried more games on this console than the other 3 that i talked about previously all together, the first game i started with which had alot of memories being my companion from the start was Popolocrois a remake of a game that was released in three parts , even thought it had a long loading wait, it was by far one of the best classic RPG that i'v played with, having a great story and amazing sound tracks.
my favorite RPG games and what i would be recommending to any RPG fans are:Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, another remake for the same game that was released on the PSX, with new CG seance (i played both versions and they are alike, but i enjoyed the PSP version much more).
Jeanne D'arc a tactic game that i enjoyed more than any other, and to tell you the truth, i hate tactic games, and this one is the second tactic games that i'v finished in my whole life, and it's truly amazing. there is also Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and if you don't know what is this game, then go hit your head on the wall behind you, it's the prequel for FFVII, it had a boring battle system that i hated and other people seemed to love it, but as i finished this one, i couldn't stop crying, and it's rare for me to cry because of a game.
well it's not only RPG games, of course there is other good games for the PSP like Tekken - Dark Resurrection for Tekken's fans as me, and there is Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes but i still prefer the PS2 and PS3 versions over the PSP one, and also there is the little cute Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure game.
and of course there is the new genre that it seemed all the companies are having a fever over it, with bringing different characters form different games to have battle 'em up game, like Dissidia Final Fantasy (tried the japanease version and fell in love with it, and to make a note, the Demo that came out a while ago doesn't present the tiniest thing of this game) i'm going to get this one soon (i hope), and also there is Tales of VS. (hope we can see a U.S release soon), and a few days ago there was news for .hack//Link.
well there is diffidently tons of other games than the ones i mentioned, and i think i made this post longer than enough (whoa God, hope people don't sleep reading only half of it :P )

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