Friday, September 11, 2009

Gaming Consoles: PlayStation 3

Before starting to give my recommendations on Video Games, i thought i would start with the Consoles first, unfortunately the Xbox 360 will not be included because i don't have one of yet, and i wonder if i will ever get one .
anyhow, starting with the big ones first, we will be talking about the PlayStation 3, it is indeed a disappointment when we compare the game richness between the PS3 and the PS2, but it also has it's own good parts.
you might have already heard more than enough about this console, and you can always go check wiki for those complicated systematic stuff, so i will try to keep it up as simple as possible, referring to enjoyment rather than technical stuff.
i first got this System about 3 years ago, for only one reason, and that is simply Final Fantasy XIII(oh my, it's been more than 3 years already since i started my waiting for this game O_O.. time files fast).
well, Having only FFXIII on my mind, i didn't really care about other games, and on that time there was hardly any good games, i started with Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom ( a crappy game i don't recommend by the way), i was really disappointed at that time because there was no good games at all, i did not play the PS3 for more than a year, i tried some games that my brothers enjoyed such as Assassin's Creed ( a really great game), Naruto Ultimate Ninja: Storm (i love the fighting style of naruto games) and i tried some shooter games (which i suck at it) . so i hardly enjoyed it at first, until i got my hands on some great games that made me really appreciate having the PS3. my first ever game that i truly enjoyed was Valkyria Chronicles, one of the best games i ever played, and Eternal Sonata (not that great, but it had it's good parts, beside, you've got to love Aya hirano's Japanese Voice as polka XD ). but i'm still waiting for my FFXIII game now.
i guess there is some great games that people enjoy more than i do on this system, i mean all the boys in my family has a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV (i wonder what is so good about this game??)
well, putting the games aside ( we can talk about them more in other recommendations), lets see what the PS3 offers other than it's gaming experience?

  • you have the ability to play your PS1 & Ps2 games (the originals only), well i heard not all versions of the ps3 can play PS2 games, so careful what you want to get.
  • online access: all systems do now, right?? even the DSi <_<
  • Blu-Ray player.
  • HD space to save movies, music, pictures or download on it, thought you can always use your own External HD by connecting it to the USP port.
  • FFXIII + FF Versus XIII+ FFIV online T_T (why do we always have to wait for FF games??)
Ahem, well there is 3 choices for PS3 as of now:
well, if i had to buy a new system, i would go for the new slim 120 GB, it's smaller, cheaper and does not seem to have the same -easy to scratch- surface.

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