Monday, September 21, 2009

Gaming Consoles: NDS

every one know the ugly duck story right?
when the DS came out for the first time, it had an ugly and not perfect closing shape, but at it's time it was something original from Nintendo that presented to us it's original GameBoy, color and Advance systems, so any fan of those previews systems had to get his hand on this new touch double screen system, i was one of thous fans, i got the original standerd NDS system with it's silver color as a graduation present 4 years ago with two games which were Puyo Pop Fever (a really addicting and fun game), and Pokemon Dash (a disappointing game), and what was fun about the DS was the ability to play the GBA games with it's Extra GBA slot, and some times the GBC games :P, so there was no need to switch playing with two systems.
after a while Nintendo released a new version for the DS called Nintendo DS Lite, and that is when the ugly duck turned to a beautiful swan, with a bigger screens and smaller nicer design.
at first i didn't find the need to buy that one, but after my niece missed up my old DS with putting alot of scratchs on it, i decided to buy DS Lite, and had my eyes on Nintendo DS Lite Pokemon Bundle (i really wanted that one), but one of my friends stopped me saying that there is some rumors for newer DS system, and i decided to wait a little longer to see what thouse rumors were about? that is when the new Nintendo DSi came to light, with surprisingly a built in camera, even bigger screens and smaller nicer design, but unfortunately with no GBA slot T_T.
the new DSi had also the ability for Web browsing, downloading games and programs and Editing pictures.
The DS in general has a unique gaming Experience with it's touch screen, it allows it to have games that otherwise you can't enjoy it if you played it in another system, and the good part about it is that it's fit for 3+ old children, my niece is so into this system, she really love Nintendogs, even thought she hates real dogs :P
for me i like those Exploring Games like Trace Memory (i love it, but it's too short that you can finish it in one day), there is also Time Hollow (loved it) and the brain challenging game Professor Layton and the Curious Village which it's new sequel Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box came out last month.
the DS also has some good port games such as the Final Fantasy series, and the lovely Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure game (played this one on PSX and it's one of my favorite, and thinking of getting it on the DS).
there is always some parents who asks me what to buy for their kids? a PSP or DS? my answer is the DS, since that this one is more family friendly.
but if you asked me what do i prefer, i would say the PSP, since for me it has more Enjoyable RPG games, while the ones on the DS are graphically ill, and the touch screen for RPG games are not needed. that's why my RPG collection on the PSP is larger than the ones on DS, but still the DS has it's own good parts, especially with the new DSi system.

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